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            论文编号:lw201901171630141939 所属栏目:英语毕业论文 发布日期:2019年01月17日 论文作者:论文网
            Chapter One: Introduction 介绍
            1.1 The Significance of Research1.1研究的意义
            Pride and Prejudice, a classic work, displayed many fascinating ideas. Through the in-depth analysis for the love and marriage, this novel demonstrated the true feeling and the multi-faceted human nature in the contemporary society, which plays an important role in the research on social environment.
            1.2 Literature Review 文献综述
            在国内外,虽然对“傲慢与偏见”中的婚姻观有很多研究,但缺乏系统的总结。于立金(2010)认为,奥斯汀创造了“傲慢与偏见”,其中的一切都来自于作者的创作本质。通过对奥斯汀婚姻观的分析,江峰(2005)揭示了在18世纪和19世纪初,婚姻只是社会中的阶级整合工具。结合作者的一生,通过研究小说中的主要女性角色及其婚姻结局,葛望兵(2010)进一步探讨了简奥斯丁的婚姻观念。 Daniel C. O'Connell和Sabine Kowal(2010)认为,插入的情感和起始功能都是概念和内在口头的特征,而不是概念和内在的读写能力。通过将小说“傲慢与偏见”与1940年的美国版本进行比较,Sandra Guardini T.Vasconcelos(2008)提请注意两种叙事焦点的转变。
            At home and abroad, although there are a lot of study for the marriage view in "Pride and Prejudice", it lacks a systematic summary. Yu Lijin (2010) believes that Austen created "Pride and Prejudice" and everything in it is from the author's creative nature. By the analysis for Austen’s view of marriage, Jiang Feng (2005) reveals that in the 18th and early 19th Centuries, marriage is just a class integration tools in society. Combined with the author's life, by studying the main female characters and their marriage ending in the novel, Ge Wangbing (2010) further explored the Jane Austen’s marriage concept. Daniel C. O'Connell and Sabine Kowal (2010) believes both the emotional and initiating functions of interjections are characteristic of conceptual and medial orality rather than conceptual and medial literacy. Through comparing the novel Pride and Prejudice with an American version from 1940, Sandra Guardini T.Vasconcelos (2008) drew attention to the shift in the focus of the two narratives.
            1.3 Research Questions and Research Method 研究问题和研究方法
            This paper mainly used literature review to carry out the research. First, this paper retrieved relevant literature in CNKI, and then searched keyword "Pride and Prejudice", sorting out the various academic views on its concept of marriage and family, finally, systematically analyzed the relevant literature to obtain the results. 
            1.4 The Theoretical Framework and the Structure 
            Based on the literature analysis, this paper first analyzed the executive summary of "Pride and Prejudice", and then studied the social background and its impact on the author's marriage concept, finally came to the conclusion - The specific performance of women marriage and family concept in "Pride and Prejudice".

            Chapter One: Introduction 1
            1.1 The Significance of Research 1
            1.2 Literature Review 1
            1.3 Research Questions and Research Method 1
            1.4 The Theoretical Framework and the Structure 1
            Chapter Two: The Executive Summary of "Pride and Prejudice" 2
            2.1 About the Author 2
            2.2 The main content of the novel 2
            Chapter Three: The Social Background and its impact on the author's marriage concept 4
            3.1 The social background of "Pride and Prejudice" 4
            3.2 The author's understanding of marriage 7
            Chapter Four: The specific performance of Women Marriage and Family Concept in "Pride and Prejudice" 8
            4.1 Love is based on self-esteem and substance 8
            4.2 Love is essential in marriage 9
            4.3 Pursuit family harmony 10
            Chapter Five: Conclusion 11
            Works Cited 11
            Chapter Five: Conclusion
            Jane Austen's novel is in line with the Britain development trend at that time. She is deeply influenced by the British tradition literature and dabbled in Fielding, Sterne, Swift, at the same time, she is familiar with Shakespeare, Milton, Charlie Johnson. She opened the way for the later women literature writers, such as Mary Shelley, Charlotte sisters and Virginia Wolfe. In her conscious mind, there is the shadow of feminism, and she believes that women and men are equal in intelligence, sou and spirit. She follows the rituals, loves wealth, the British traditi
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