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            论文编号:lw201810251705413436 所属栏目:代写留学生作业 发布日期:2018年10月25日 论文作者:未知



            文章题目:International cooperation

            Since the 1970s, the pattern of international relations has undergone significant changes, which has promoted the rise and development of international cooperative research. This paper discusses the interdependence of the trajectory of the theories of international cooperation, and cooperation between China and asean, for example, from the main factors contributing to the development of china-asean relations and the establishment of China - asean free trade area two aspects, the significance of visible, China's cooperation with asean is an important part of east Asian integration process, its success to promote the development of east Asian integration has a good demonstration effect.

            自20世纪70年代以来,国际关系格局发生了重大变化,促进了国际合作研究的兴起和发展。 本文从影响中国 - 东盟关系发展的主要因素和中国 - 东盟自由贸易区的建立两个方面,探讨了国际合作理论轨迹与中国、东盟合作的相互依存关系。中国与东盟的合作是东亚一体化进程的重要组成部分,其成功推动东亚一体化发展具有良好的示范效应。

            In 1977, the American scholar Robert keogh han and Joseph nai published book power and interdependence. In 1984, Robert keogh han introduced force after the hegemony in the world political and economic cooperation and conflict ", in the same year, Robert axelrod of the evolution of "cooperation". In October 1985, world politics published a set of articles on cooperation issues. The following year Kenneth the Iraq published the influential "cooperation under anarchy", become the masterpiece cooperative research. One of the purposes clearly stated by the United Nations in its charter is "to promote international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural and human welfare nature among states." However, the outbreak of the cold war and the formation of the bipolar structure made international cooperation difficult. Since the 1970s, the pattern of international relations has undergone significant changes, which has promoted the rise and development of international cooperative research.

            In the 1970s, the concept of mutual dependence was widely concerned by international political scholars. "We live in an era of interdependence," he said. The nations of the world have become interdependent in terms of economy, communication and human ideals. The international political scholars of the time, whether they were realists, behaviorists, or what became known as neoliberalism, used interdependence to some extent to characterize The Times. Interdependence expresses a kind of state in international politics, and is a characteristic expression of the mutual influence of different ultra actors, which is often the result of the international communication theory.

            In the international political reality of interdependence, the international cooperation theory has been developing rapidly. Generally speaking, the research of the theory of international cooperation mainly involves the content, realization approach, performance and related research methods of international cooperation. In the 1970s, international multilateral cooperation, the rapid development of non-governmental organizations, especially transnational corporations, and the emergence of global financial market took shape. Mutual dependence is a situation where countries or other international actors interact with each other. However, mutual dependence only exists when the communication activities are generated and each other pays the price. As power plays a role in mutual dependence, the latter has two aspects, namely sensitivity and vulnerability. According to kiohan and nye, the realistic assumption cannot well reflect the international political reality, but it can depict the international political reality more realistically with a pattern of "compound interdependence". This model of interdependence is fundamentally different from the old model of

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