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            代写北美作业:Legal aid(法律援助)

            论文编号:lw201810191705102404 所属栏目:代写留学生作业 发布日期:2018年10月19日 论文作者:未知


            China is a large developing country, with tens of thousands of people in difficulty, and the lack of money to fight lawsuits often happens. The ministry of justice approved the establishment of a national legal aid center in December 1996 to promote the rapid development of the national legal aid pilot program. In September 2003, the legal aid ordinance of the People's Republic of China the establishment and implementation of the implementation of the legal aid system, is to strengthen socialist democracy and improve the objective requirement of the socialist legal system, is the important content of perfecting the socialist spiritual civilization construction and practical steps, is an important legal measures of building a harmonious socialist society.

            中国是一个发展中大国,有数万人陷入困境,经常发生反对诉讼的资金不足。 司法部于1996年12月批准设立国家法律援助中心,以促进国家法律援助试点方案的迅速发展。2003年9月,中华人民共和国法律援助条例建立和实施法律援助制度,是加强社会主义民主,完善社会主义法制的客观要求,是完善社会主义法制的重要内容。社会主义精神文明建设和实践步骤,是构建社会主义和谐社会的重要法律措施。

            Article 33 of our constitution stipulates that "citizens of the People's Republic of China are equal before the law". This is the basic principle of the socialist rule of law, which is clearly stipulated in our constitution, and it is also the primary connotation of fairness and justice. The fairness and justice that all organizations or individuals pursue and the realization of fairness and justice can only be recognized and accepted by the public. The core of the scientific outlook on development is based on people-oriented, adhere to the people-oriented, is to practice the basic aim of serving the people wholeheartedly, the legal aid system is the essence of "the people's interests first" requirements, at the same time also reflected the legal aid system for practical guarantee of fundamental rights accorded to citizens by the law, for protecting human rights is the solemn commitment of our party and country, for the minors, women, the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable groups to give special protection, is more love and care for special groups, to protect their rights, the maximum to avoid the occurrence of violence; It not only contains rich moral values, but also an important measure to guarantee moral civilization in an institutionalized way.

            "Fair, just and open" is the pursuit of the highest state of law, litigants due to objective reasons can not normally perform their litigation rights, as the fact that the government cannot stand by and can't and the constitution of the main idea of "everyone is equal before the law" spirit prevailing practice, the legal aid system in the judicial system of operation of each link and each level, is to carry out socialist concept of rule of law "governing the country according to law, law enforcement for the people", the concrete implementation of the legislation is the starting point of fairness and justice, judicial fairness and justice is the last line of defence, only in each important link of the construction of the rule of law is fair, Justice of the rule of law to play its proper value and function, from the perspective of system value, legal aid is conducive to promoting social justice, which mainly through judicial justice to realize social justice.

            The implementation main body of legal aid is a lawyer, the chapter 6 of the regulation: "citizens in support, inductrial injury, the criminal litigation, request of state compensation and grant pension etc in accordance with the need to get a lawyer to help, but cannot afford lawyers fees, may obtain legal aid in accordance with state regulations. A lawyer must undertake legal aid obligations in accordance with state regulations and provide legal aid to the recipient. Therefore, the legal profession as an indispensable profession plays an important role in the rule of law. Sum

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