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            千电子伏的汽车厂Kev’s Autoworks

            论文编号:lw201604281504429798 所属栏目:essay写作 发布日期:2018年10月29日 论文作者:无忧论文网

            Fred Tuddenham是KEV汽车公司的总经理。他父亲去年去世后,他便继承了总经理的职位。 Kev's Autoworks的创始人Kevin Tuddenham最初是墨尔本郊区的一名学徒技师,当时只有十八岁。作为乔治佩雷拉的助手,凯文从他身上学到了所有关于自动力学的知识。
            他是一个热心和热情的学习者,佩雷拉喜欢这样的人。他在凯文身上看到了很大的潜力,他曾对一个同事说:“凯文将来有一天会有一个属于自己的工作室?!钡蕉凰晔?,凯文已经成为Pereira所教过的最快也是最熟练的技师之一。五年后,凯文在墨尔本以西约115公里的巴拉腊特市开设了自己的车库。凭借其天生的自动机械方面的天赋,凯文的小作坊蓬勃发展,直到它成为今天非常成功的Kev's Autoworks。
            Fred Tuddenham is the Managing Director of Kev’s Autoworks. He succeeded to the position of Managing Director after his father’s untimely death last year. Kevin Tuddenham, the founder of the Kev’s Autoworks, started off as an apprentice mechanic in a suburban area of Melbourne when he was only eighteen. Working as an assistant to George Pereira, Kevin learnt all he knew about automechanics from him. 

            He was a keen and enthusiastic learner and Pereira liked people like that. He saw a lot of potential in Kevin and once remarked to a fellow worker ‘that kid is going to own a workshop of his own someday’ after Kevin completed a job in record time. By the age of twenty-one, Kevin had become one of the fastest and most skilful mechanics that Pereira had ever taught.  Five years later, Kevin opened up his own garage in Ballarat, a city approximately 115 km west of Melbourne. With his natural talent for automechanics, Kevin’s small workshop prospered until it became the highly successful Kev’s Autoworks of today.  

            It had been taken for granted that Fred Tuddenham would one day succeed his father as Managing Director of the company. Kevin was conscious of this and wanted Fred to have a solid background in automechanics. He did not want Fred to be taking on a job which would be beyond his capacities and training when he took over the business and thus, sent Fred off to a technical school for training.  The company’s office was based in downtown Ballarat, but the workshop was situated some distance away on the outskirts of the town. Working in the workshop were the six mechanics employed in the business. 

            Gary Myers, aged fifty-five, was the foreperson in charge of the workshop and a veteran at Kev’s Autoworks. He had been Kevin’s long time friend and had been with the company since its inception. He was the most experienced and skilled worker at the company.  Myers was basically responsible for some administrative work in addition to the usual work at the workshop. He was the one who sorted out work for the other mechanics, although there was no formal job description for his job. Myers was an informal sort of leader. He would often join in the fun with the others and treated them as his equal. Everyone at the workshop was a member of a closely knit group and there was little need for Myers to keep them in line. The atmosphere suited him extremely well.  Alex Stevanov, aged forty-four, was the next most senior mechanic on the floor. He had been with the company for the last twenty years, and in many ways was considered a veteran too. Like Myers, he was fast and very competent in his job.  Michael Lam, aged thirty-five, had been with the company for the last decade. He was just as skilled as both Myers and Stevanov, but lacked the years of experience which made them faster.  Jonathan Wabira, aged twenty-one, was the only apprentice in the workshop. The workshop was at the moment short of one mechanic. The last, Simon Schultz, had left for Melbourne, preferring the glamour of a bigger city. His unexpected departure left the workshop one man short. As good mechanics were not easy to come by, Myers decided  

            to train a mechanic himself. Wabira, therefore, was supposed to learn, while helping Myers, Stevanov or Lam. He had been in the workshop for the last year.  Finally, there was Bob Miller, aged thirty-six, and a newcomer to the workshop. Hired three months ago, Miller had been working for his father, Peter Miller, at the Miller Workshop. The Miller Workshop had initially handled their trucks as well as trucks from other firms. However, lately the Miller

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