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            清华大学苏富比艺术学院国际艺术市场课程作业:Major Influencing factors of International Art Market

            论文编号:lw201902011351142378 所属栏目:市场营销论文 发布日期:2019年02月01日 论文作者:论文网
            Major Influencing factors of International Art Market – Take London & Paris as examples影响国际艺术市场的主要因素 - 以伦敦和巴黎为例
            纽约,伦敦和巴黎是世界三大艺术中心。 欧洲艺术与古董博览会(TEFAF)的全球艺术市场报告显示,巴黎是欧洲第二大艺术品交易中心,始终处于全球艺术市场的第四位。 虽然它只落后伦敦一个位置,但交易金额却有很大差异。 伦敦通常占世界总量的15-20%,而巴黎经常在5-8%之间波动。 伦敦和巴黎都是欧洲古代艺术交易中心,艺术市场的成熟度及其繁荣程度大致相同。 为什么营业额有这么明显的差距? 在本文中,通过分析巴黎和伦敦的实例,将讨论影响国际艺术市场的因素。
            New York, London and Paris are three big art centers in the world. The Global Art Market Report of The European Fine Art and Antiques Fair (TEFAF) shows that, Paris, the second largest art trading center in Europe, always in the fourth position of the global art market.  Although it is only one position behind London, the deal amount is with a huge difference. London normally accounts for 15-20% of the total amount of the world, while Paris is often fluctuating between 5-8%. Both the London and Paris are European ancient art trading centers, the maturity of the art markets and their prosperous degrees are about the same. Why the turnover has such an obvious gap? In this article, by analyzing the instances of Paris and London, it will discuss the influencing factors of the international art market. 
            1. Historical Factors
            British people are so fond of art products and art investment. The phenomenon is relevant to the cultural tradition and the colonial history. In the era of “the sun never set”, Britain, as the world’s hegemon, had conditions to occupy the most valuable resources all over the world through various means. The most value artistic works are acquired by British People. Even today, British people still keep big enthusiasm of collection during the travelling. They are willing to collect all kinds of art products, such as paintings, sculptures, furniture and decorations. Pursuing artworks is not only for its possible appreciation, but also because it can decorate household environment and reveal the unique status and taste of the owner.......................
            2. Cultural Factors
            3. Economic Factors
            Being impacted by the trend of internationalization, it seems no one can easily stick to their own positions. In Paris the strict policy and tax system had improved a lot in recent years, however for international organizations and overseas guests, the obstacles still exist obviously. Currently, as the UK withdraws from the European Union, it might bring some potential benefits to French art market. But some pessimists also point out, if France cannot have substantial improvements from aspects of art regulations and laws, it is still difficult to compete with the British.
            Ashefelter O., Graddy K. (2003) Auctions and the Price of Art, in Journal of Economic Literature, 41(3), 763-786.
            Elisabetta lazzaro & Nathalie Moureau. (2003) Auctioneers vs. commissaries-riseurs: the carnival mirror of profession regulation in the international art market, in The European Journal of Comparative Economics Vol. 10, n.2, pp.159-176.
            ART MARKET REPORT: Global Art Market Insight.
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